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Product Description
Motorized screen lifter with centered rotation
Motorized screen lifter with centered rotation

Motorized screen lifter with centered rotation

This screen motorization allows the storage of a flat screen in a vanity unit. Once the screen is deployed this mechanism allows to rotating the screen up to 90° to make it visible from several points of view within a room.

  • Designed for 37" (94 cm) flat screen TV, smaller televisions can be installed.
  • Possibility to adapt the dimensions for larger screens.
  • Manipulation by MOM OFF MOM switch.
  • Power supply 22V Ă  28V. Max power 180W.
  • Safety stop of movement in case of unexpected stress or obstacle, anti-pinching security.
  • Acceleration and deceleration at the start and the end of the travel.
  • Maximum angle of rotation of 90° in the high position.
  • Anodized aluminum and brushed stainless steel 316.
  • Delivered with a black grained ABS hood hiding the back of the TV.
Mototrisation élévatrice d'écran avec rotation centrée

This device can be fitted to a vanity unit as well as any other housing. It thus offers an opportunity to gain significant space without affecting the viewing comfort thanks to its wide angle of rotation. It is particularly well suited to Hotels, museums, conference or meeting rooms as it can be easily oriented toward multiple points of view.


In the closed position the presence of the system + screen set can be made completely imperceptible by adding a closing panel which seals housing shut when the screen is put away.


To provide the best possibilities of adaptation this mechanism is customizable to measure.


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