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Product Description
Sliding door motorization
Sliding door motorization

Sliding door motorization

NOVAL has designed this drive system for interior sliding doors with two objectives, provide a reliable and scalable solution offering new possibilities in terms of fitting and interior design, but also a product meeting optimally the needs of persons with reduced mobility .

  • Sober design and discreet integration.
  • Quick and silent movement.
  • Suitable for all types of doors, wood, glass, PVC or other.
  • Engine integrated in the slide rail.
  • Simple operation by remote control or switch.
  • Anti-pinching security.
  • Acceleration and deceleration for smooth starting and stopping.
  • Compatible by on-off contact with BMS, CTM or Home Automation System.
  • Aluminum cover available in several RAL colors or raw ready to lacquer.
  • Adaptable to different doorwidths. Up to three meters for a single door and 1.5 meters for a double door.
  • Supports up to 80 kg per door.
  • Delivered ready to install.

Motorisation pour porte coulissante 1Motorisation pour porte coulissante


This drive system offers a considerable saving of useful floor area in comparison with a traditional door mounted on hinges. It thus contributes to the feeling of space in a room and therefore particularly suits premises where preserving space is crucial, such as hotel rooms, but also in houses and private apartments.


The on-off connector allows the door to be connected to a presence detector to automate its opening and a timer module to automate the closing.


This solution can be integrated onto wall surface but also inside of a partition wall to display only the door in the closed position and otherwise make it disappear into the partition when in the open position.


Motorisation pour porte coulissante, intégration en surface  Motorisation pour porte coulissante, intégration dans cloison 
Integration on surface Integration in the partition wall

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