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Product Description
Motorized frame for sunshade lifter
Motorized frame for sunshade lifter

Motorized frame for sunshade lifter

This motorized frame for customizable sunshade lifter meets the recommendations of the RT2012 and the aesthetic requirements of architects and building professionals.

  • Aluminum frame.
  • Suitable for any type of filling.
  • Motor integrated into the frame.
  • Adaptable to measure to different widths and heights of panels.
  • Delivered ready to install.
  • Compatible by on-off contact with BMS, CTM or Home Automation System.
  • Supports up to 35 kg per panel.
Brise-soleils relevables

NOVAL's sunshade consists of a frame and two panels wich fold upwards to form of a visor over each window, controlling solar gain and thus contributing to interior comfort. In summer, the system contributes to the thermal regulation of the premises and is thereby in compliance with the recommendations RT2012.


NOVAL's sunshade lifters give uniform aesthetics to glazed surfaces while integrating in a perfectly harmonized way to each type of facade through personalization of the sunshade panelsNOVAL's sunshade lifters are intended for both professional and technical buildings as wall as tertiary buildings or buildings open to the public.


Examples of integrations :

Brise-soleils relevables intégration panneaux aluminium

Brise-soleils relevables intégration panneaux bois

Noval Street Automation