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Minimalist Sliding Window

Motorisation intégrée pour baie coulissante de grande dimmension

Minimalist Sliding Window

Home Automation

Integrated motorisation for large, minimalist sliding doors.

Motorisation intégrée pour baie coulissante minimaliste


A     Return pulley block E     Locking block
B     Belt F     Fixing bracket transmission system 
C     Engine block  
D     Control unit  

This solution allows the motorization of minimalist windows of very large dimensions by its discreet integration above the frame.

Numerous manufacturers and designers of high-end windows have called on our expertise in order to motorise their range of windows and thus facilitate their use.

Thanks to an innovative system of connection with the sashes, we can be integrated into different opening configurations (angle, symmetrical, sliding...) and on different ranges of sliding doors up to 1.2 tons per leaf.


Size motorisation




Configuration motorisation sliding windows



  • Comfort and ease of use
  • Increased energy efficiency of the building
  • Multi-configuration management (corner opening, symmetrical...)
  • Rapid, silent movements (150mm/s)


  • Maximum weight up to 1200kg
  • Maximum 5 motorizable leaves
  • Anti-pinch safety device
  • Acceleration and slowing phase
  • Compatible with centralised building management systems, building management systems and home automation systems
  • Power supply 110-230VAC
  • Delivered ready to fit
  • Efficient
  • Ventilation