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Motorization for ceiling TV screen

Ascenseur d'écran tv depuis le plafond

Motorization for ceiling TV screen

Home Automation

Screens lifts from the ceiling.

Motorisation ascenseur tv ecran plafond

This product allows the integration of large TVs without any impact on the available space.

Due to its ability to become virtually invisible in the closed position, this product allows both a total level of comfort and a non-existent impact on the aesthetics and ambiance of the premises.

This makes it particularly suitable for use in hotels and other luxury establishments, but it is also ideal for use in conference and exhibition rooms.

It can be customised to meet all requirements in terms of size and colour. 




  • Unobtrusive integration
  • Custom adaptable
  • Space optimization


  • Supply voltage: 24VDC as standard
  • Rotation angle adjustable between 90° and 100°. 1 radio remote control as standard
  • Fluid movement with acceleration and deceleration phase at start and end of range
  • Automatic locking system in closed position to protect the device and screen.
  • Structure made of RAL 90010 thermo-lacquered electro-galvanised steel as standard. Other colours are possible on request.
  • System fitted with protection that stops movement when unexpected forces interact with the system (obstacle, etc.)
  • Custom-built
  • Delivered ready to fit