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Orientable sunshade motorization

Motorisation Brise Soleil Orientable

Orientable sunshade motorization

Home Automation

This motorization system operating simultaneously a row of sunshade slats can be installed indoors or outdoors. It may thus be suitable for different contexts of integration.

Orientable sunshade motorization

This device can be used as a sunscreen over glazed spaces of a façade but also to visually isolate a room partitioned by windows such as some offices or meeting rooms. Various materials can be used for slats based on the context of product integration and aesthetic requirements.

NOVAL's orientable sunshade motorization system suits for both commercial buildings and collective or private homes. Its operation can be automated via connection to a BMS / CTM or home automation system, providing a significant improvement in comfort and new opportunities of interaction.



  • Helps manage the building’s heat input from sunlight
  • Brightens up the facade
  • Creates a uniform facade appearance in closed position


  • Frames compatible with several types of panels (aluminium, wood, unrolled metal, etc.)
  • Operated by push button, radio remote control or centralised management system
  • Custom-built
  • Delivered ready to fit
  • Efficient

Nos réalisations

Siège social véolia

Veolia Head Office

Tilting system for vertical tilting sunshades.

NOVAL worked on integrating motorisation into the facades, taking into account all aspects of the project (mechanical integration, operation and interfacing with the centralised building management system, addition of a locking system for maintenance and cleaning operations, sectioning the facade and reducing the number of motors needed, etc.). 

Total surface area of the facade: 2340m²

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