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Motorized frame for sunshade lifter

Cadre motorisé Brise Soleil Relavable

Motorized frame for sunshade lifter

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This motorized frame for customizable lift-up sunshades meets the recommendations of RT2012 as well as the aesthetic requirements of architects and building professionals.


Motorized frame fpr sunshade lifter

The NOVAL lift-up sunshade is a motorised shutter consisting of a frame and two panels that fold in the form of a cap over each window to control solar gain and thus promote interior comfort. In summer, it participates in the thermal regulation of the premises and therefore complies with the RT2012 recommendations.

The lift-up sunshades give the glass surfaces a uniform appearance while fitting perfectly into each type of facade thanks to the customisation of the infill panels.

Sunshade NOVAL  are designed for professional and technical buildings as well as for tertiary or public buildings.



Solar gain management

Soleil été

In summer, in the raised position, the sunbreaker stops the direct rays of the sun, thus avoiding an important contribution of heat, while keeping an unobstructed view to the outside and an important natural luminosity.

Soleil hiver

In winter, in the raised position, the sunbreaker maximizes the natural sunshine inside the building, optimizing solar gains and keeping an unobstructed view of the outside.




Version also available in manual version with gas compass
Brise soleil relevable manuel Brise soleil relevable manuel ouvert



  • Helping to manage the building's solar gains
  • Animates the facade
  • Allows to find a uniform facade in closed position
  • Discreetly integrated motorization


  • Frames compatible with several types of filling (Aluminium, Wood, expanded metal...)
  • Push-button control, radio remote control or centralized management system
  • Custom-built
  • Delivered ready to fit
  • Efficient

Nos réalisations

Montévrain Schools

Integrating the folding shutter into a dense facade complex meant adapting the support frames and hinge systems. In the closed position, the outline is maintained and the building is transformed into a set of uniform cubes. 

In the folded position, the view to the outside is unobstructed, while also significantly reducing heat input. This school, at the heart of a new eco-district, is one of the first passive establishments of its kind in France.

Home automation

10 Grenelle Paris

Based on the standard folding sunshade product, NOVAL added a cover that opens when the shutter is folded, specially for this office building. This cover maximises light inside the building while limiting direct heat input from sunlight. 

The building’s 2 facades have nearly 700 folding shutters which, together with a Centralised Technical Management system, sunlight sensors and a ‘shadow management’ function, help to reduce the building’s energy expenditure.

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