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Product Description
Motorized rail for sliding shutters
Motorized rail for sliding shutters

Motorized rail for sliding shutters

To meet the architectural trends and the arrival of the RT2012, this motorized rail provides an effective solution for the implementation of blackout panels or sliding shutters.

  • Fits any type of components (wood, aluminum, PVC).
  • Motorization integrated inside the slide rail.
  • Delivered to measure ready to install.
  • Simple operation by remote control or switch.
  • Compatible by on-off contact with BMS, CTM or Home Automation System.
  • Anti-pinching security.
  • Compatible one or two panels.
  • Adaptable to different widths of panel, up to 3 m for one panel and up to 1.5 m for two panels.
  • Integrated pre-alarm.
  • Up to 80 kg for each panel.
  • Patent registered.

Rail motorisé pour volet coulissantRail motorisé pour volet coulissant


This device is available in a motorized or manual version. For the motorized version, automatic locking in the closed position is an available option.


When both panels are installed on a single rail, the manual version can include optionally a synchronization mechanism operating both panels by manipulating only one.


The mechanism is hidden under an aluminum cover that can be provided in several colors RAL or raw and ready to lacquer. This product is delivered assembled and ready to install.


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